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Sunday, May 21, 2017


It's been awhile. I've been working on a ton of different projects behind the scenes, I gotta say, I'm so proud of myself, that everything is slowly coming together! Yes, I am low-key bragging. So what? You know you do it too. Don't lie. 😏😜

Anyways, so you're probably wondering why I haven't posted for the past few months and that's because I've been redirected to a new path. I haven't stopped doing what I love though.

So many thing has been happening. At first I thought about sharing them all on here but then, lol, I'll reserve it for the people who truly deserve the seats on my table.

Also, I thought about ranting on here too but then I don't want to give the people who silently watches my every move who will only judge and will never support me, to have something to talk about. Lol. ✌

Oh and by the way, compete with yourself, not with me because I'm not interested in competing with anyone, just hoping WE ALL make it. 👍

God is faithful. Picking my battles from now on. Riding with my tribe. 💓

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Inexpensive Ukulele and case. Kohala KO-S Kine'O Soprano Ukulele Satin Natural. Got this Ukulele a few days ago. I've had the case for awhile now. I have always wanted my very own ukulele for years and finally can have one. I'm so grateful that I got both of these items for less than $6 total. I know! Amazing right? Just when I wasn't looking for them, they find me. I'm glad I listened to that small still voice that told me to just be patient and wait. That day finally came and I believe it was meant to be. There will be more pictures along with details that will list the actual price and where I got them down below.

The original price of the this case is priced at $30 but guess what? I got it for $0. I found it during my first dumpster dive experience and I'm so glad I didn't have to pay anything for it. Lol. I don't know why anyone would want to throw this out but thanks to whoever that did it, this case found a new owner now; me. Totally worth the trip and something I wasn't expecting to find.

I shopped at my local goodwill outlet and found this Ukulele on the special sales rack. It was marked at such a great price! Before I bought it, I had no knowledge of what type of Ukulele I should get and I wasn't sure if this was an actual Ukulele or a toy version. All I know is that I really wanted one for such a long time now and I didn't want to pass it up regardless if it was real or not. Plus at that time, my phone had no wifi connection so I couldn't look it up and ended up taking the risk and bought it anyways. I'm glad I did, here's why; later on that day, I searched it up and discovered that it wasn't a toy version and a new one goes for $49.99 at Guitar Center. Best part? I got it for $5.99!!! Such an amazing price! Definitely saved a lot of money. I also discovered and learned that Ukulele has difference sizes and the one I got is the Soprano. It's so cute and small but I love it! Definitely will be passing it down to my kids in the future.

I took off the price. This Ukulele works, all strings are still in excellent condition as well as the tuning knobs. Probably needs some repainting because of minor chipping on the edges of the Ukulele but it does not alter the sound or performance; major plus!

I've been practicing my new and used Ukulele ever since I've had it and wow, it wasn't too difficult to learn how to play. I also own a guitar and have been a long time player and also own two other instruments but I have to say that comparing the Ukulele from a guitar, Ukulele is the easiest to learn. I love that it's portable and doesn't take up too much space too.

Thanks for reading!